Heritage Christian School provides a high quality Christian education in partnership with Christian families. As such, we require that parents take responsibility to assist the school in this purpose. Our curriculum is challenging, but students who are motivated to achieve and who have parental support can excel at HCS. The admissions process is designed to identify those students who demonstrate the ability and motivation to achieve the academic, character, spiritual and behavioral standards of HCS. 

In reviewing applications, the admissions committee will take into consideration the student’s past academic performance, teacher and pastor recommendations, and the motivations for wanting to become a part of HCS. This information will be used to determine if HCS can provide an appropriate educational environment for the applicant and if the applicant can be reasonably successful in school.

Additionally, for customer service and support, ACE has implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides a
centralized phone number, support email address and online help center.  This CRM system provides features to help improve response time and assistance to families. ACE's online help center is live and can be accessed here: 




Families applying to HCS must: 

  1. Complete and submit the application (see "Admission Application" button above) and submit the $25.00 application fee for each student applicant.

  2. Send copies of current report cards along with other pertinent reports (such as IEP) and information to the office. 

After all of these documents have been received, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for a family interview and testing for the student applicant. The interview will include all student applicants and both parents. Student applicants (K-12) will be tested for entrance and placement.

Following the interview and testing, a final determination will be made by the admissions committee and school board. Parents will be notified of the decision in a timely manner. A separate enrollment process must be completed upon acceptance.

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Telephone: (785) 286-0427

You can also request more information with this form:

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