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Heritage Christian School provides a high quality Christian education in partnership with Christian families. Our curriculum is challenging, but students who are motivated to achieve and who have parental support can excel at HCS. The admissions process is designed to identify those students who demonstrate the ability and motivation to achieve the academic, character, spiritual, and behavioral standards of HCS. 

The first step in deciding whether to attend HCS is to experience the culture of HCS first hand, and meet some of our HCS family (staff and students). To do this, we recommend families schedule a tour to see the building and get additional questions answered.


Additionally, students interested in attending are encouraged to participate in the classrooms. We call this shadowing. When a student shadows, he is paired with an HCS student from his grade level, and they attend classes together for that day. (Click here for more information, or to schedule a tour or shadow experience)


If a family feels HCS might be in their best interest, they should look at the tuition cost and availability of scholarships. (Click here for tuition information.) HCS endeavors to provide a quality education at a reasonable cost; HCS is an excellent investment in a student’s life.

ACE Applications are only available

February to mid April


During other dates, please contact the office for other financial aid applications 

​ Link to ACE Kansas Information

The next step is to officially apply for admission.

1. Complete and submit the application. (Click here to begin the application process.) There is a $50.00 non- refundable application fee for each student applicant. Please include any other pertinent information such as IEPs and disciplinary actions from the previous school.

2. Once an application is received, you will be contacted to arrange a time for testing. The testing process takes approximately 2.5 hours for younger students and 4 hours for older students. Testing will be done at HCS. This is a necessary step in helping to place a student at HCS. 


The school will contact your pastor and request a reference. It would be helpful if you will notify your pastor to expect the request for a reference. The school will also contact your previous school to request records.

3. After the testing process, you will be contacted to arrange for a family interview. The interview should include the student and all custodial adults. The interview is a time for HCS to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Some of the topics at an interview will be the importance of family church attendance and desire for spiritual growth. There will also be discussion about the  desire of a student to come to HCS, an important factor in success.


Following the interview, the admission committee makes a recommendation to the School Board, and the board decides whether to invite a student to enroll at HCS. We attempt to do this step in the process shortly after the interview. Parents will be notified of the decision in a timely manner. 


4. The final step is to actually enroll at HCS. Once a student is invited to enroll, the parent will receive more information about how to enroll.

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