Instrumental and Vocal Music

Elementary students attend music classes two days a week. Our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students also have the option of participating in band three days a week. In addition, all elementary students have the opportunity for individual private lessons as an “after-school” activity. They also participate in several musical performances throughout the year that include: Grandparents Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Program, and Spring Program.

Secondary students may participate in Choir, Instrumental Ensembles, and Worship Band as part of their Elective Curriculum. The student Worship team provides music weekly for secondary chapel services. The Choir travels to sing at several events around the city. The annual Valentine’s Day outing, for instance, can include as many as 15 to 20 different locations. Additionally, the Choir and Instrumental groups participate in a local Fine Arts Festival annually that includes many different cities. Students in 5th-12th grades are also encouraged to prepare solo and small ensemble musical pieces (with staff guidance) for the Festival.

Theater & Performing Arts


HCS students in grades K-5 have opportunities to participate in various Theater activities throughout the school year, such as short plays acted out during weekly chapel service, and recitals of poems during various after school meetings.

Middle School Drama students put on a play each fall, and High School Drama students put on a play each spring.  Additionally, both groups frequently perform skits with a Christian theme for elementary and secondary chapels.

Secondary Vocals:

Valerie Ludolph

Elementary Vocals:

Darla Harris

Instrumental Music:

Darla Harris

Secondary Visual Arts:

Shawna Slack

Worship Team:

Nancy Fanning

Pep Band:

Darla Harris

Secondary Theater:

Janeal Lischke

Valerie Ludolph

Young Authors

Each year, all HCS Elementary school students participate in the HCS Young Authors contest.  Each student creates and publishes a book to be judged by a panel of teachers.  Prizes for the best entries are awarded at the annual Academic Fair/Open House.

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